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Blunder made by DS Najib - Now he pays the price.

Which one would you consider a traitor?

Now, which Prime Minister is so stupid enough to deputise a non-Malay Minister to look after a very crucial and important ministry, such as a Ministry of Land and Cooperative Development?

DS Najib with his Golkar Vision made a clear blunder with Felda’s money as claimed by Dr Tan Kee Kwong. DS Najib is used to spend it big and the same goes during his tenure with the Defence Ministry.

How did he get away with it?

He is lucky because the Malays are protecting and safe guarding him against the Chinese and other intruder. The Malays are safeguarding and helping him to do more damages. Clearly DS Najib misused the trust put upon him by the Malays.

Poor Dr Tan Kee Kwong was so surprised to learn that the Malays Felda got so much reserve and DS Najib spend it like nobody business, before they could even get their hand on the  RM4.5 billons. Dr Tan would drop dead if he get hold of the real figure spend by MARA for the Malays or the numbers of subsidiaries which run by the hundreds created to siphon out allowances.

Let it be a lesson that never ever appoint would be traitor to lead a crucial and strategic Ministry (Defence for example) and help-the-Malays Ministries. Care to appoint a Chinese to look after the Ministry that handled MARA?

Now, who is the traitor here?

A Chinese Minister who couldn’t get enough of the 70% of the nation wealth given by the Malays, instead they wanted more of the remaining balance of the 30% of what the Malays are supposed to have; or a Malay Minister who clearly abused the power of protection and trust put upon them by the Malays.

The following piece by Dr Tan Kee Kwong might help enlighten your thought and answer.

From the desk of Dr Tan Kee Kwong.

Dr Tan Kee Kwong is the son of the late Tan Chee Khoon
He was also a former Deputy Minister of Land and Cooperative Development.
He is now a senior PKR leader.

Dear Najib,


I read with great interest today papers about your comments. In it you were quoted that those who talk bad about Felda & called it bankrupt are to be regarded as traitors to the Nation.

The sad truth is that after you took charge of Felda in 2005, you turned what was a very successful organisation into a financial nightmare. In fact you are the traitor who has stolen the poor peneroka's money.

I am sure you know that for the next General Election, Felda schemes & their votes determine about 60 Federal Parliament Seats. From my feedback, many of the peneroka are boiling mad.

They have been exploited & taken for a ride.

If what you say is true & ALL the peneroka are so happy with the UMNO/BN government, why the sudden interest in the welfare of the peneroka,

Why the many cash handouts?

Please explain the following.

1. In 2001, the cash reserves of Felda was RM4.5 billion with ZERO borrowing. Recently your Deputy Minister replied that the cash reserves has plunged to RM1.2 billion. This is despite the fact that for the past 3 years, the CPO price has been very high. If you have looked after Felda properly the cash reseves should now be at least RM8 billion.

2. New Felda HQ in KLCC.
Said to cost RM662 million, Explain how this six star building is going to help the poor peneroka, many of whom only get nett RM500 per month. Why a huge deposit of RM235 million paid even before construction started? Why the decision was made at a secret meeting in your DPM's office in Putrajaya without the knowledge or approval of the Felda board? Recently Ahmad Maslan siad this is a very good investment as it has already made paper profit of RM300 million. Pray how did he come to this conclusion when the building is not even finished or sold!

3. Felda Global Ventures.
We know that Felda has invested at least RM3 billion on these projects. We also know that since day one it has been losing money, in fact it has lost RM300 million.

Twin Rivers Project in USA, invested RM500 million

Cattle rearing project invested RM600 million

Since you say we are traitors, tell us in detail what has happened .
The peneroka in Felda Keratong near Segamat are laughing, the imported cattle for the cattle project have to be kept in an air conditioned room 24 hours a day!

4. Why the need to borrow from EPF?
Before you started on Felda Global Ventures. Felda never borrowed from EPF.

Is this borrowing secure? To all the EPF contributors beware, your money is used to finance many of these dubious schemes which Najib started

5. Skim Tabung tanam semula
In August this year I visited a Felda scheme near Kemaman

Talked to a peneroka who wants to sue Felda. He has been contributing to this fund for psat 17 years & has accumulated RM17,000. However when he replanted his old oil trees, he did not use the fund but used his own money instead. It has been 3 years now tried to get his OWN money back, but the Felda administration has refused so far.

Wonder why, if Felda is so well run & cash rich why can't even pay this poor peneroka a paltry sum?

6. Felda settlers to camp outside Felda HQ.
In October this year, there was a report that many settlers were not happy with Felda for refusing to settle their replanting payments. So this case i quoted above is widespread & happening in many. many schemes round the country.

7. Oil palm fruit sent to Mill
In Felda Kemahang, Kelantan. Felda lost the case as it was proved that Felda was not  paying the proper amount sent to mill. It was a landmark case. On appeal Felda lost the case. Soon after that you visited a scheme near Bahau. Instead of respecting the court's decision you made a silly remark like Felda will engage the best lawyers & fight all the remaining cases in court. Good for you, you will make mare peneroka angry with you!


1. Subject the whole of Felda to an independant audit & publish the findings.

2. Felda has 43 subsidiaries publish all their annual reports & subject them to an audit as well.

This piece is abstracted from Zorro-Unmasked
HHalem – Another letter by Dr Tan

I write this letter with a very heavy heart.

Just to put things in perspective, after much soul searching, I joined Keadilan in August 2008. From 1999 to 2004 I was Barisan National Deputy Minister of Land and Cooperatives.

My Minister, Tan Sri Kasitah Gadam, put me in charge of answering questions in Parliament regarding all Felda matters.

In 2004, before Najib began meddling in Felda affairs, Felda was the pride of the oilpalm industry. It had 75 oil palm mills, assets of RM 7 Billion and a cash hoard of RM 4.5 Billion.

What I just heard upset me so much.

I publicly accuse Najib of single handedly destroying Felda!

As of now out of the huge cash hoard of RM 4.5 Billion, only RM 200 Million is left. In actual fact with the record price of CPO for the past few years, Felda, if managed properly, should have cash reserves of RM 6 Billion! The reverse has happened and now it has only a pathetic sum left.

When Najib became Deputy Prime Minister, he put himself in charge of Felda. He gave the lame excuse that his late father Tun Razak started Felda, he should continue the family tradition of looking after Felda.

In fact if the late Tun Razak khows what Najib has done to Felda , Tun Razak will turn in his grave.

The same goes for the former Chairman of Felda, Tan Sri Raja Alias. Tan Sri Raja Alias did an excellent job in looking after Felda.

The real reason why a very busy Deputy Prime Minister wants to micro manage Felda is now very clear.

He wanted to have access to the huge cash hoard of Felda.

What took 40 long years to build up, Najib destroyed in 5 short years.

On another note, I just heard on NTV 7 news that the BN government is going to buy 3 special ships for our Navy costing RM 2.2 Billion! Just a few days ago Dato Idris Jala announced that if we do not watch out, we will be like Greece in 9 years time. If things are so bad how can the Government justify spending so much money to buy ships, money that Dato Idris Jala says we do not have?

So it is very clear that the Pakatan Rakyat MUST take over the Federal Government in Putrajaya in the next General Election. This is our priority to save the country. If the Pakatan takes over in 20 years time it will be too late, the country will really be bankrupt. So fellow Malaysians open your eyes to see how this country is destroyed by the greedy and corrupt politicains from UMNO/BN. Kick them out of Putrajaya! Register as a voter now!

Another very old piece abstracted from Kopitiam Bang Nan
HHalem- Wooow, hold on. Hold your horses. Not to an extend of taking over Putrajaya. To quote one Bengali Tunda, “Over my dead body”

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