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The Beruk aka Kitol aka Pirates Is Shaken Down – All Prepared To Fall

You need AK 47 to get rid of the Pirates

Be gone the Pirates. But where is the Harta Karun hidden?

In my last article (here >>), base on articles written by Sakmongkol and revealingly exposed and implied by Another Brick In The Wall (BIW), that KJ The Beruk (Papa Google said it, not me), got away with USD 500,000.00; and of course I refused to belief that Madam Norra was involved in the scandals but she is in the know. Who else would “SAPU” the rest of the money none other than Beruk’s and The Gangs?

As expected Sakmongkol would make a denial, point blank, of what have been interpreted by BIW. Without realising that, like it or not, both of them are shaking the tree so hard that The Beruk on top of it would fall any moment now before the next General Election. Are they both in cohort?

See here how BIW bulldoze the tree to the right,

“Sakmongkol had disclosed that the consultant paid for USD 200,000.00, referred as Consultant A was Dato Dr Norraesah, Chairman of Alcatel Malaysia, French trained economist and appointed member of UMNO Supreme Counsel.”

Then observed carefully how Sakmongkol would denial and immediately bulldoze back the tree the left,

 “Sorry, this is not quite right. I didn't say it was Noraesah who got paid. I wrote on her role and position in this Alcatelgate. She was Alcatel Malaysia's boss at the material time.

BIW really belief that The Beruk hiding on top is the real culprit by throwing more bananas and a kilo of salt for good measures,

“However, Sakmongkol did not disclose that the Consultant B being paid USD 500,000.00 was wunderboy Khairy Jamaluddin.”

On the wunderboy KJ, Sakmongkol lets BIW imagination run wilds and carroting him with more rambutans. See how Sakmongkol skilfully leads the way and push the tree to the left again for BIW to take over.

Sakmongkol said that he did not suggest that Norraesah who got paid, but read through his suggestion below. He is more sadist than I would have imagine, literally suggestion that Norraesah be subjected under heavy pressure to squeeze out some answers from her. Hoping that names will be spitted out and a few Beruks would fall down. However, if it works, who gave a damn sadist or not. Worst have been done during the Japanese Occupation in Tanah Melayu and at the American Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp in Cuba.

“Clearly in the case, heads must roll. Why is it so difficult to identify Malaysian consultants A and B? Get Noraesah under the spotlight. Place a helmet over her head, and knock the helmet repeatedly for one hour. I am sure at the end, whatever we want to know about Alcatelgate will come out via a more cost effective way rather than having to employ a hotshot accounting firm and a big named legal firm.”

With more bullets to fire, BIW merely go Beruks-hunting together with Big Dog. Read more below what BIW got to say. We wish BIW and Big Dog good hunting and hopefully manage to dig out more bananas’ skin at the Bursa rubbish bin.

Trailing the tell tales sign of KJ wanting to stand down might be easy, however pinning him face down might prove a gigantic task as KJ is a master player. 
Well. No mission is impossible !

Frm HHalem

Reference to Brick In The Wall below.................................

Whispers and rumours seldom turn out to be true. But in Malaysia, where transparency is not as see through as we wish it to be, many a time a rumour could turn out to be true later.

There are a couple of event happening lately. A couple of SMSes came in yesterday that gave an impression there is a major purge to clean-up UMNO and Government.

Amen. Hidup Dato Najib!

On the other hand, that same development could purge out the existing Government if wrong appointments are made.

No ... it is not another so-called Constitutional crisis.

Over the weekend, Khairy made a statement that he is standing down, going study leave and withdrawing from politics.

Yesterday, public relation firm, Fox Communication is reported closing shop.

This doesn't come as a surprise because this blogger have been getting words that Dato Kalimullah Masya Allah is cashing out from his business.

Will have to confirm that by scrouching through the Bursa data to know of his other divestments.

Is it cashing out time?

Well ... in one SMS exchange early yesterday, this former Member of Parliament said certain people were warned to get out of the national scene slowly so that the 13th General election is free from liabilities.

No need to repeat and enlist the liabilities, do we?

For all likelihood, Haji Khairy may have been told to do so. One of his former accomplice said his butt is burning from the Alcatel exposure.

Not only is his butt hot, he has been hot in his pants lately. But we will not go any further to upset an already delicate marital sensitivity.

The same former MP said he had just withdrawn some 10 million from his Singapore bank account. No currency mentioned and the Bank's definately not the POSB account from his UWC days.

It looks like he is really for an indefinate leave.

It will be pointless of Dato Mohamad Hasan trying to persuade him. Khairy have not had anything going for him as UMNO Youth Head.

Neither has he delivered anything meaningful.

He knows he will still be left out in a cabinet reshuffle. Two days back, a senior journalist text me to alert of an impending cabinet reshuffle.

This rumour have been repeating itself so often that no one take notice of it. Maybe the real McCoy will happen when everyone is not paying attention.

Now that Khairy is out of the equation and the liabilities will no more be political burden to be entertained, Najib may decide to reshuffle.

It is only expected that Nor Yakcop be removed. Someone must be in to replace him and his coterie of young incompetents in GLCs and new agencies.

Me and Bigdog was tipped that Khazanah CEO, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar is eyeing to replace Nor Yakcop. His posting last night was filled with background information but it was too nice.

The source said Azman have been paying lobbyists to whisper sweet Azman into Najib's ears.

This is not the first time that Azman expressed interest to replace Nor Yakcop. After the last general election, he lobbied to replace Nor Yakcop but he can't beat Nor Yakcop who was an elected MP.

The source claimed that this time Azman has the concurrent of Nor Yakcop. With all the robber barons from the Abdullah days fleeing away, Azman maybe entrusted to cover the large crater size hole in Khazanah and GLCs.

Najib will forever only know the one page summary with the consolidated figures. He will never know how much money sucked and disappear in the sands. The list of abuses will forever not be known.

Azman need to keep the Tingkat 4-linked boys parked in Khazanah, various GLCS, Corridor authorities, and agencies intact till their return.

One name that cropped up to replace Azman at Khazanah is SC Chairwomen, Tan Sri Zainah Anwar.

This means the link with Nor Yakcop, Khairy and Kalimullah will remain. These people added no economic value to the nation but were mere robber barons.

It will be a disaster if such appointment materialise.

In the meanwhile, Omar Ong had divorced his wife and is out of the radar with pretty new young thing.

He is still in Petronas, Pemandu and his coteries of Consulting firms fleecing the Government coffer and wrecking the economic infrastructure build over 50 years to close the gap between the Malays and the immigrant descendent Malaysins.

Off course, these are all rumours.

Trees will not shake when there is no wind. In the words Khairy, a berok must be shaking it. He should know about berok. Google berok and he is the first find.

In Malaysia, rumours have a tendency to tern out to be true. Depending on the right source ...
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